Joel McHale Net Worth & Biography

What is Joel McHale Net Worth?

Joel McHale’s Biography:

Net Worth: $14 Million
Age: 50 Years
Born: November 20, 1971
Country of Origin: Rome, Italy
Spouse(s) Sarah Williams
Children : Edward Roy McHale, Isaac Hayden McHale
Source of Earning : Actor, comedian, writer, producer, television host
Last Updated: 2021

Sarah Williams Biography:

Net Worth: $159,4 Million   (2021)
Age: 51
Born: August 10, 1970
Country of Origin: Washington DC  (U.S.A)
Husband Joel McHale
Children : Edward Roy McHale, Isaac Hayden McHale
Source of Wealth: Writer, Actress, Producer, Director
Last Updated: 2021

According to NetworthObserver, Sarah Williams’s Net Worth is $14 Million through her husband, Joel McHale. It means that Joel McHale’s Net Worth is based on two owns assets of around 14 Million US Dollars between them. Sarah’s husband is a Hollywood celebrity.

When he was starring in the show “Community”, Joel McHale was being paid $60,000 for each episode that he appeared in. As a host on his own show “The Soup”, Joel McHale brought in an annual income of $2 Million.

While any additional sources of income for this couple are unknown, we know this much that a significant portion of the wealth is attributed to the husband’s acting career. The details of real estate properties are also not known to the public.

However, we know that the couple resides in their fancy house in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California. They also own a Porsche 911 Turbo S. The current known market price for this luxury car is $85,295.

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Who is Sarah Williams?

Sarah Williams is the wife of a renowned Hollywood celebrity, Joel McHale. Joel McHale is a well-known actor, comedian, and host who has been active in the Entertainment industry for over 20 years now. While not much information about Joel McHale wife is available online, we know some stuff through Joel McHale’s personal interviews. Joel seems to admire his wife in various interviews, praising her role as a dedicated wife and mother.


Sarah Williams was born on August 10, 1970, in America. The exact location of her birth is unknown. However, we know that she hails from the state of Washington.

  • Parents

Sarah Williams lost her father when she was just ten years old. Her mother raised her alone. Sarah can often be found praising her mother for all the hard work she put into raising her children as a single mother. She gave an amazing childhood to her kids despite the absence of their father in their life. Last known, Sarah’s mother, Sally Williams, was said to be suffering from Alzheimer’s as an 81-year-old.

  • Siblings

Sarah has one older brother, Richard Williams. Sarah does not have any known half or step-siblings.

  • Religion

Sarah Williams’ religious affiliation is not known. However, it is assumed that she might be Catholic like her parents.

  • Marital Status

Sarah has been married to Hollywood celebrity Joel McHale for over twenty years. It is one of the long-lasting and happier marriages of Hollywood.

  • Offspring

Sarah Williams and Joel McHale have two sons together. Their first son was born in 2005. He is named Edward ” Eddie” Roy McHale and is 15 years old now. Their second son, Isaac Hayden McHale, is twelve years old.

Physical Features

Joel McHale wife is said to look like Kate Hudson. Fans thought her to be Kate Hudson in one of her Instagram pictures. She is a beautiful lady with a slim figure and a taste for class. She is always wearing a perfect amount of make-up which is neither too much nor too little. Her hair is often seen either in a bun or down on her shoulders. While the exact body measurements of Sarah Williams are unknown, it is safe to say that she is among the prettiest Hollywood wives.

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While the exact education of Sarah Williams is also unknown to the public, we know that Joel McHale met her after he just graduated. Hence it can be assumed that Sarah went to the same university as Joel, i.e. University of Washington or another nearby one.


The career of Sarah Williams is also not out in public knowledge. It is not confirmed whether she has a professional career or not. This is, however, not to say that being a housewife and mother is not a job. It can be a challenging work that Sarah is apparently acing.

According to NetworthObserver, Sarah Williams’s Net Worth is $14 Million through her husband, Joel McHale. It means Joel McHale Net Worth is based on two owns assets like wife & husband.


Sarah Williams seems to be a happy wife and mother, focused on her family. She prefers to stay away from the glitter and glamour of Hollywood and is content with her home life with her husband and two children. In today’s world, it can be a challenge to keep your life private. Social media dependency is rampant in society, and prying public and paparazzi are constantly hounding for your life’s personal details. However, Sarah has managed to keep her life private and off the radar for the most part. Her marriage with Joel McHale is also a strong, happy and long-lasting one, unlike most Hollywood marriages. They married in July 1996 after one year of dating, and they have been going strong and living happily ever since.

That, however, does not mean they have not had their fair share of problems and hardships. Sarah has encountered several difficulties in her personal life that we know of through Joel McHale’s interviews.

  • Congenital Malformity of Son

A prominent one amongst this series of hardships was when their firstborn son was born with two large holes in his heart. He had to go through two open-heart surgeries. And Joel McHale spoke about how it was devastating for them, and they could not believe it at first.

But then they started dealing with it. It was difficult to be in the hospital and look at all those children suffering and seeing their own child’s pain as well. That journey was like a dark tunnel, but they came out the other end, though. Edward’s surgeries were successful, and he is completely fine and hearty now.

  • Miscarriage

Although it is not known when this occurred, the couple opened up about having a tragic experience. Sarah suffered a miscarriage during one of her pregnancies. Joel said in an interview that it was a heartbreaking experience, and they were beside themselves with grief when it happened. He further shared about how they sought guidance from one of his friends, a TV doctor.

Dr Drew Pinsky hosted a popular radio show, Loveline, which resulted in him becoming friends with McHale and his family. But he is also an actual practicing physician. McHale told during his interview that they would call Dr Pinsky, and he provided them with advice and reassurance. Both Joel and Sarah have expressed gratitude towards Dr Pinsky. They have said that they owe him a great debt for his sincere and tremendous help in their time of need.

  • Dyslexic Husband and Kids

Both Sarah and Joel’s sons have been diagnosed with dyslexia. Dyslexia is a learning disorder that makes reading and writing difficult for the person that has it. A dyslexic child or person experiences difficulty identifying phonetic sounds and has a hard time attributing them to letters and words. The patients tend to have difficulty spelling, be slow readers, and they also often mix up similar-looking or sounding words.

Dyslexia is not limited to children, and adults can have it too. In some cases, these adults don’t realize they have this disorder until later in their lives. Joel McHale did not know that he himself has this learning disability until he heard the doctor describe his son’s condition and symptoms. This disorder is hereditary and runs in families. This means that Joel passed it on to his kids.

Thus, Sarah Williams Joel McHale might have her share of troubles and adversities, she leads a happy, private life with her precious family.

According to NetworthObserver, Sarah Williams’s Net Worth is $14 Million through her husband, Joel McHale. It means Joel McHale Net Worth is based on two owns assets like wife & husband.

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