Alexander David Manns Net Worth And Biography

Net Worth: $5 Million

Age: 27 years

Born: 21 July 1993

Country of Origin: United States

Source Of Wealth: Entrepreneur, Business Coach, YouTuber, Influencer, Singer, Actor

Last Updated: 2021

Alexander David Manns is an American entrepreneur, YouTuber, influencer, business coach, singer, and actor. Other than creating entertaining content, Manns gives out business-building tips through sharing his journey of building solid net worth. Presently, Alexander David Manns net worth is $5 million.

That is a blended combined net worth with his wife Kamolwan Manns (AKA Sam) who he met in Destin, Florida. The pair likes to go on a couple of month-long holidays per year to locations like Thailand and Singapore. Their favourite locations are the Phi Phi Islands, but they have been reported to enjoy Bangkok stating Yaowarat Road in Samphanthawong District in Chinatown is a favourite food haunt.

Manns and his wife, live in Destin, Florida as well as Detroit, Michigan, and recently added a home in Las Vegas to their portfolio of residences.

In a recent interview, Alexander David Manns professed two books that help him stay focused and inspired. The first one is the Bible. The second book is the dictionary.

Alexander David Manns Biography

Alexander David Manns was born on the 21st of July, 1993, in Detroit city in the Michigan state of USA. His star sign is cancer. He belongs to the black ethnicity.


Alexander David Manns was born to Anthony Manns and Anita Manns, a normal upper middle-class couple living in the city of Detroit.


He is the only son of his parents, as all the other siblings he has are his four sisters named Arial, Jada, Olivia and Shandia.


Alexander David Manns was born in a devout Christian family. While growing up, his parents used to take him and his sisters to the church quite often.

Marital Status

Alexander met Kamolwan in the town of Destin in Florida state. They quickly developed a bond and had a tattoo of each other names after a month of getting together. They got married on May 17, 2018.


Alexander David Manns currently does not have any known children.

Alexander David Manns Physical Features

Alexander David Manns has a plump appearance with a roundish face. While his body does not look like the standard athletic physique, he is healthy and maintaining a good lifestyle including working out sometimes.


In 2006, Alexander and his family moved to the suburbs of Farmington’s Hills in Michigan. He developed a liking for sports while studying at Harrison High School, and ended up winning a state championship in soccer in his junior year in 2010. He graduated with the achievement of Honors in the year 2011.

Manns was accepted into Oakland University and began to study medicine. At just 19 years of age, he had to spend nights sleeping in a fitness centre or his car on the account of being homeless. However, he did not let it turn into an undefeatable obstacle for himself and devoted time and efforts to studying to achieve his desire to become a doctor. During his college year’s studying pre-med, Manns noticed his female peers skipping class for shopping, and so the vision for his online brand, Fantasy Fashion was conceived inspiring him to change career direction.

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For a while, Alexander David Manns joined the Air Force of USA and got stationed at various posts including the ones in Florida and Missouri. He learned skills like vehicle management and convoys.


Manns online e-Commerce business, Fantasy Fashion was conceived during university. Although not initially motivated by business and fashion, he soon became interested in advertising and marketing. He began working on advertising campaigns for different health magazines and products with companies using social media giant, Twitter which progressed into merchandise.

He continued to develop his passion project, Fantasy Fashion, and on seeing the success of some of the fashion industries popular online brands for women, wanted to create his own e-Commerce brand, with a twist.

Alex wanted to develop the ideals of a traditional online women’s clothing store, to a one-stop shop for women, giving his diverse target audience the solution to purchase from anywhere comfortable and fashionable clothing, as well as respected make-up and face treatment brands, all at an economical price. Fantasy Fashion strives to be an all-inclusive brand where no one, no matter what ethnicity, nationality or race will ever feel “not represented”. A brand for everyone and that is to empower women.

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Future Projects

In 2021, Manns along with his team is launching the Fantaz Coin. It’s a new, unique type of cryptocurrency that anyone would be able to wield as a system of payment. It’s such a kind of currency coin that will be eligible to be utilized internationally, in any part or country of the world.

Both Alexander and his wife, Sam are launching a new dating app called Fantasies. The pair has stated in an interview that the dating app will be safe and interactive where people can find new friends by signing up to the application.

Alexander David Manns is also launching his acting and music career. He has been reported to say his music is alternative pop and R&B hip hop. He is set to work with his wife, and producers Morginkay and Alex Mabaso. Others in his music team are Joseph Perry and Raymond Kulwicki.

Alexander David Manns current line-up of projects for 2021 include Fashion Fantasy, Fantasies Dating App, Fantaz Crypto Coin, YouTuber, Acting, and Music.

Social Media Profiles

Alexander David Manns does not seem to be on Facebook or Twitter. However, he’s got an Instagram profile with 57.5K followers as of now where he shares his influencer and personal life stuff. His Youtube channel is new and at the initial stage of progress. We hope that the youtube channel will also play its role in the increase of Alexander David Manns net worth.

Alexander David Manns Instagram Profile: Alexander David Manns Instagram

Alexander David Manns YouTube Channel: Alexander David Manns YouTube

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