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Why was Takeoff Not on Bad and Boujee

Bad and Boujee is the most sensational hip-hop hit by the Migos which had been the main reason for the success behind their earning and fame.

In this American hit, American rapper Lil Uzi Vert’s vocals were featured. It was released by Quality Control, Atlantic Records, and 300 Entertainment on 31st August 2016.

It became an internet phenomenon that also gained the attention of many members online that made memes on the lyrics ‘raindrop, drop top’.  It was so incredible that it spiked up into the top ten in US Billboard Hot 100 and later became the top song.

It was also the reason why the singles received a nomination for the Best Rap Performance and 60th Annual Grammy Awards.

Why was Takeoff Not on Bad and Boujee

While speaking of the achievements which this Migos got from this song, one thing noticed about this song was that Takeoff was not in it.

He was not featured nor credited in the song. For those who don’t know, Takeoff was the third member of Migos and had been an essential part of the Migos band.

The absence was widely noticed by Migos’ fans from all around the world and a lot of questions were put forward.

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Why was Takeoff Not on Bad and Boujee

Well, the answer to this query was given by Takeoff himself, who asserted that he was busy at the time when this song was being made. He even once said in an interview:

“Does it look like I’m left off ‘Bad and Boujee’?”

This response to the interview question about his absence had created a lot of controversy and people had even started to mock him while he said in his defense that interviewers couldn’t hear him properly because of commotion there.

While this all summarizes what had taken place and what was the reason behind laying off Takeoff from Bad and Boujee.

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