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Why does Chance Wear a 3 Hat

Why does Chance Wear a 3 Hat? Chance the rapper net worth is $25 million. It was exciting and inspiring to watch Chance the Rapper rise to the peak of fame after the release of his independent mixtape being streamed 57.3 million times on apple music in the first week of 2016.

This along with his many other achievements, Chance has come into the eyes of the media, and people have started to ask a lot of questions about his style related to his clothing and accessory.

But, his signatory baseball cap which is emblazoned by number 3 has been around a lot of discussions. So what is the reason behind it?

Chance’s Love for a baseball cap!

Chance’s Love for a baseball cap

Chance the Rapper’s obsession with cap started from his teenage life. He is reported to have said that he used to rock a lot of caps in his high school days which were usually confiscated.

At the end of the year, when the school used to return caps, they would give Chance the whole box. He asserted that it felt like rebelling.

So, now let us kill your curiosity by revealing the real meaning behind his 3 hats.

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Chance the Rapper claimed that the 3 on his hat was selected by him because, during the time when he was opting for a new cap design, he was making his third project called “The Mixed Coloring Book.” As he couldn’t write the whole name on his hat, he chose three to represent his third project.

Chance Wear a 3 Hat: Does number 3 represent anything?

Chance the rapper net worth is approximately $25 million. 3 have been, since, carried more than one meaning for Chance the Rapper. He even says that the 3 numbers represent his family including his girl, his daughter, and himself.

It is even possible 3 is his lucky number because he won his third Grammy when he was wearing the hat labeled 3. He even related number 3 with Holy Trinity. So here are the reasons behind the mysterious number 3.

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