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What is Brendan Fraser Doing Now

Brendan James Fraser is a prominent American-Canadian movie star who has gone through many ups and downs of life and has managed to pick himself back up after facing a lot of miseries and traumas which were hurled at him by life.

This talented veteran actor has approximately assets of 20 Million dollars so this is Brendan Fraser Net Worth.

What is Brendan Fraser Doing Now?

He even got separated from Afton Smith in 2008 and he also claims that he was sexually abused by Philip Berk.

This along with the financial and health problems and numerous surgeries eventually cause Brendan Fraser to go into hiatus.

During this break from the film industry, Brendon was able to find a new audience in Texas Rising in 2015 and another drama series from 2016 to 2017 called The Affair and he has also been a part of the FX Trust series. He was also part of the Doom Patrol, an action series by DC Universe.

Brendan Fraser’s comeback after a decade of gradual disappearance from 2003 and after facing such depression is more than exceptional. He even replaced Ray Liotta in 2016 in the movie, ‘Line of Descent’.

After that, as I mentioned earlier, he joined the cast of ‘The Affair’ where he played the role of a misery-minded prison guard and later, in 2018, on moving on to portraying James Fletcher Chace in the ‘Trust’.

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What is Brendan Fraser Doing Now

He has also been personating Clifford Steele in the television series ‘Titans’. And recently, he is working in ‘Professionals’ in the role of Peter Swann and he is currently working as Steele and voicing the character Robotman in Doom Patrol.

It surely had been a tough and hard comeback after facing that decade of bad happenings for the person who was considered an alpha male in the 90s. But he managed to swing back into action and come into the limelight of the media.

Now he has been working along with many Hollywood stars Donald Sutherland and Hilary Swank.

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