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Takeoff MIGOS Car

Takeoff is one of the youngest members of Migos and even a nephew of Quavo. Takeoff has a vital role in the overall Migos net worth. He was born on 18th June 1994 and has an American nationality with African-American ethnicity.

He had started to do music from a very young age and he even started to rap when he was in 7th grade and his uncle Quavo decided to put him in his music group called ‘Polo Club’.

Despite Takeoff being left off from Bad & Boujee, he is and always will be an integral part of Migos. And after realizing that Quality Control’s CEO Pierre ‘Pee’ Thomas had reached a conclusion to give, what will be the greatest birthday present Takeoff had ever received.

Takeoff Migos Car

Pee leads Takeoff outside to surprise him with a brand new Rolls-Royce as an early birthday gift for Takeoff. Rolls-Royce is one of the British luxurious cars out there and obviously, by looking at that word, you would have guessed how expensive a pre-birthday gift Takeoff received from Pierre Thomas.

Rolls-Royce which was received by Takeoff was all white in color with a black and red interior which made this gift look, Royal.

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Takeoff Migos Car

Takeoff wasn’t able to decipher what he was seeing and getting but when he finally realizes it as the truth, his eyes light up with glitter.

He accepted this amazing gift and, moreover, it is very rare to get such an expensive gift from your record label. In addition to this, Gucci Mane was also present during Takeoff’s birthday surprise.

Furthermore, Quality Control’s CEO, Pierre Thomas, also managed to capture all this surprise moment on social media through Instagram.

In the video, it can be seen the confused yet happy face of Takeoff who is accepting Pierre Thomas’s gift in a parking lot which was surrounded by an entourage.

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