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Real Time with Bill Maher Writers

Bill Maher net worth is $ 100 million. Real-Time with Bill Maher is a famous, well-known talk show which is usually aired on HBO hosted by political satirist and comedian, Bill Maher himself.

What is this show all about? You don’t need to stress on this; we are here to clear all your confusion that you might have.

So it is a show which features a panel of people or rather guests who sit together and discuss and talk on current issues and events on politics and the media.

Who writes the Real Time with Bill Maher show?

Yes, Real Time with Bill Maher is indeed a show which is presented by Bill Maher itself, but the writer behind this show includes Scott Carter, Adam Felber, Matt Gunn, Jay Jaroch, Chris Kelly, Brian Jacobsmeyer, Billy Martin, and obviously Bill Maher as well.

Now let us tell you a little about each writer!

Who writes the show

Adam Felber:

He belongs to the United States of America and has written a lot of series apart from Real Time with Bill Maher including The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuus. He is an author and an actor as well.

Billy Martin:

Billy Martin is a television producer and screenwriter for Real Time with Bill Maher along with Brian Jacobsmeyer.

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Chris Kelly:

Chris Kelly is a screenwriter and has written Lovejoy, Grounded for Life, and without any doubt, Real Time with Bill Maher.

Jay Jaroch:

He has only worked on one television show which is Real Time with Bill Maher and is a screenwriter.

Martin Gunn:

He is another American-born writer and actor from St. Louis, Missouri, and has been a part of the writing team of Real Time with Bill Maher.

Scott Carter:

He is also a TV show writer and has written The Cape and Real Time with Bill Maher.


So these are the writers and thinkers behind this amazing show! Bill Maher net worth is $ 100 million.

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