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Is Robert Kiyosaki bankrupt now?

I need to ‘give’ credit where it’s justified, despite all the trouble. Robert Kiyosaki had an exceptionally constructive effect in helping me move from a representative to an independently employed individual.

Truth be told, its strange meaning of an advantage as just something that makes you proprietor and dependable like whatever removes your money is nearly as awesome as 84-year-old natively constructed cinnamon fruit purée. It surely helped me to think, which permitted me to turn into an effective specialist.

Robert Kiyosaki bankrupt

People always Ask Is Robert Kiyosaki bankrupt now?  Well, the answer is no. The account of Robert Kiyosaki and his rising to the abundance of land from a little one-story house to enormous private buildings, as recorded in renowned books,

for example, ” Rich Dad Port Dad ” and A progression of books and instructional classes in the land that has been set up before lodging breaks the air pocket, and is obsolete from numerous points of view,

Let me disclose to you why.

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Robert Kiyosaki bankrupt

The technique Robert Kiyosaki utilizes in a world that does not exist anymore.

The “Robert Kiyosaki Method” is essentially (what I do) making your own neighborhood, finding a speculation amicable land agent, and inspecting at least 100 properties before making an offer.

At that point, he got a customary bank credit to back the property ‘income’ which made him more in the rental and afterward paid it in contract charges/charges/protection.

Robert Kiyosaki is one of the richest businessmen in the world. In 2012, he had paid a heavy amount of about $24 million in bankruptcy, still, Robert’s net worth is eye-catching and quite handsome. According to celebrity net worth, his total worth is about $80 million.


It sounds cool, and it was before, however now Robert Kiyosaki’s strategy has a major issue.

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