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Is Michelle Obama a Man?

Politics is a dirty business. Right!

As soon as Obama’s administration came into form, baseless, ruthless accusations about the Obamas started to come forward. There have been a number of conspiracy theories concerning the Obamas that target either the former president of the United States or his wife.

Many of these are from staunch right-wingers, the members of the rival political party also known as Republicans. These baseless theories and accusations mostly also have to do with racism and are generated to hurt the Obama family.

One such conspiracy theory that starts circulating every so often is whether Michelle Obama is a transgender woman. It is basically saying that Michelle was born a man who later transformed herself into a woman.

This theory is meant to shame the former first lady and also holds racist and transphobic tones and beliefs. This means that it not only hurts the proper target, i.e. Michelle Obama but can also hurt the sentiments of other black and transgender individuals.

The Obamas have been one classy first family. It’s not just the former president who is thriving, but the former first lady also holds an impressive record of educational and political achievements under her belt. Such individuals often become the target of jealousy and hate speech and baseless conspiracies.

The same has happened with Michelle Obama, who has come under fire in this particular conspiracy theory.

The rise of these speculations time and again have compelled certain people to ask the question, is Michelle Obama a man? If you are one of those individuals or have any doubts, you might want to read this piece to help formulate your opinion.

Origin and Background of Theory

This particular conspiracy theory has been around for years and resurfaces every so often. The specific origin of the theory is unknown. However, there is a video titled “Michelle Obama is a transgender man” that has been seen making rounds on the internet.

The video, first of all, uses incorrect terminology where it refers to Michelle Obama as a transgender man instead of a transgender woman. Furthermore, the video holds racist tones perpetuating the racist notions about black women’s bodies. It talks of how black women’s bodies and builds are “masculine”.

Despite the original source of the claim being absent and unknown, this false claim resurfaces time and again after some time. It mostly happens prior to some important event or following some endorsement concerning Michelle Obama.

What The Theory Says

So if you’ve ever asked yourself, “Is Michelle Obama a man”, you first need to be familiar with what this theory actually says. To analyze whether this theory holds any weight at all, let’s delve into it and try to break it down. This dubious, rocky claim assumes that Michelle Obama was born as a man and named Michael Lavaughn Robinson.

The theory attempts to support its claim with ridiculous notions about Michelle’s appearance. It also tries to make false connections and assumptions about certain happenings to add substance to the claim. However, none of it amounts to substantial evidence that could prove this theory to be true.

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Prominent Conspiracy Theorists

In spite of the lack of evidence and substance, some prominent people with big platforms have been pushing this claim. As mentioned earlier, mostly these people are bigots and right-wingers.

They are using this theory to shame and discredit Michelle. The motives might be ranging from political to personal prejudices. Let’s take a look at some of these people that have been trying to give rise to these claims.

  • Joan Rivers

As far as this particular person is concerned, her motives are not clear. The way she conducts her response to the claim might just come across as plain ignorance. Joan Rivers was a comedian and comedy writer. After officiating a gay marriage, she was asked what she thought would America ever see its first gay or female president. Her response was that we already had it with the Obamas.

When asked to explain, she responded by saying that Michelle is transgender and everybody knows that. Later, when criticized about her comment, she said that it was a compliment. She went on to say that history proves the most gorgeous women are transgender. She also said that she was being attacked for expressing her opinion because she is a Jewish, heterosexual woman.

Joan Rivers died not long after. She, even to this date, is part of this conspiracy theory that goes on to claim that she was murdered by the Obamas. The claim goes that since Joan Rivers knew the truth, the Obamas had her murdered as part of a cover-up to keep the truth from coming out.

  • DeAnna Lorraine

As mentioned above, these claims often resurface prior to or following certain important events. The release of Michelle Obama’s biographical documentary on Netflix brought upon these accusations from DeAnna Lorraine, failed Republican congressional candidate. Lorraine was hoping to run against Nancy Pelosi in the November elections, but she badly lost the congressional district primary back in March 2020. Lorraine criticized Michelle using the title of her biography, “Becoming”.

Lorraine posted, ” I wonder what she’s becoming.” She further fanned the flames by making a quip about Michelle not having enough “balls” to face the scrutiny she’d encounter if she becomes vice president under Joe Biden. This was again an incorrect assumption about Biden picking Michelle as his VP. Lorraine even went as far as to comment “Joan Rivers Knew” to push her agenda.

DeAnna Lorraine is a failure with nothing to count for achievements. She is also a critic and opposer of the modern feminist movement, so naturally, a strong lady with a class like Michelle Obama threatens her.

  • Alex Jones

Alex Jones is a right-wing supporter who hosts a conspiracy-focused talk show. He has repeatedly pushed these claims on his show. He’d even made a 12-minute video where he analyzed certain pictures and videos that, according to him, proved his point. The pictures and arguments are weak and folly, merely pointing out Michelle’s “very wide shoulders” and “very masculine face”.

He refers to clips of Obama repeatedly using ” Michael” to make a claim that it is a slip-up. He suggests that Barrack is referring to his wife, who used to be “Michael” before she changed her name and dressed up as a woman. In reality, the clips do not show who Barrack is referring to, and it could be any person named Michael the former president knew and spoke to. Jones even mock-sings and uses a cartoon sketch comparing Masculine Michelle Obama to pageant-ready Melania Trump.

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Our Verdict

Following Michelle Obama’s announced support for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris, for vice president, the rumors resurfaced. Many websites and online platforms were seen posing the question, “Is Michelle Obama a man?

There was a Facebook post making the claim that Michelle Obama was assigned male at birth and named Michael. Facebook flagged the post as false information as part of its efforts to end its platform to spread false claims and hate speech, and unrest among people.

In the light of a lack of any substantial evidence to support this claim, our verdict is that the claim is, in fact, false and baseless. It is just a flimsy and desperate attempt of political rivals and bigots to shame and belittle Michelle. Michelle Obama is as strong and powerful a woman as the sky is blue.

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