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How Many Instruments Does Adam Levine Play?

Adam Noah Levine is an American singer who began his career in 1994 as the lead vocalist and guitarist of Kara’s Flowers but now he is well-known because of Maroon 5. Adam Levine is famous because of his vocal abilities and that was the reason he was also one of the coaches of The Voice.

Adam Levine is quite talented not only with his voice but also because of his ability to play various musical instruments.

Although he is most of the time seen as the lead vocalist of Maroon 5 using guitar he can play up to three instruments. These are Guitar, Piano, and Drums. 

This skill of playing instruments also causes an increase in Adam Levine net worth.

A fun fact about Adam Noah Levine is that he started playing the guitar when he was in elementary school.

How Many Instruments Does Adam Levine Play?

Now let us increase your knowledge about Adam Noah Levine by jotting down various guitars he has been using during his years as a singer and guitarist.

Here we go!

  • Adam Noah Levine used a shocking pink color, Ibanez JEM/UV Steve Vai for his live intro during The Voice show. He used Taylor 714ce guitar when he performed “Lost Stars’ along with Matt MacAndrew on The Voice.
  • Ibanez JEM777SK was being used by Adam Levine when he was performing Sugar of Maroon 5 on The Voice.
  • At the Grammy Salute to The Beatles, Adam Noah Levine, along with Maroon 5, was seen playing Gibson ES-335.
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How Many Instruments Does Adam Levine Play

Apart from these electric guitars Adam Levine has been seen drumming by Maroon 5 at some live concerts and has also learned piano skills but most of the time Adam Noah Levine plays the guitar (if I become more precise, he plays Electric guitar usually) and he is really good at it.

So the answer to your question of how many instruments does Adam Levine plays is that he plays three instruments.

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