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The Fitness Secret of Adam Levine

Having a fit body is a dream of everyone and having fitness secrets of a singer or celebrity whom you admire and desire to have a body like that is not less than a blessing.

So Maroon 5 fans, be ready we will reveal the fitness secret of the most handsome alpha male with muscular body and killer looks, Adam Noah Levine.

The Fitness Secret of Adam Levine

Adam Levine used to do intense weight lifting in the gym but eventually, he left it and believes that weight lifting does more harm to one’s body than good. So he embarked on the journey to achieve his fitness through yoga.

In the beginning, he thought yoga boring and had to do many struggles in doing it because of stiffness in lower thighs and hips. But his continuous efforts made him do the most difficult intimidating poses of yoga and made his body flexible and toned his muscles.

He even considers yoga as a quintessence of keeping his body and mind relaxed. He even considers his workout travel friendly.

The fitness secret of Adam Levine is pretty simple. This secret is not about Adam Levine net worth. It is about his determination. In fact, Adam Levine practices yoga for at least an hour before he goes on stage. This not only relaxes his mind before performing but makes him energized to rock on the stage.

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The Fitness Secret of Adam Levine

Another secret of his physique is his habit of drinking a lot of water to detoxify his body and keep his skin clean and clear. Moreover, he even tries to restrict his diet to non-dairy and non-meat products.

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His fitness secret does not lie in gym or yoga only but Adam Levine’s secret to his admirable fitness is his practice of continuously moving and not sitting still. He takes almost 14,000 steps per day.

In addition to yoga, Adam Noah Levine also does 20-25 minutes circuit workout especially when he is on tours and he sticks to this for 6 days a week.

This circuit workout includes: incline dumbbell row for his upper back, reverse lunge, and superman to strengthen his core.

Well, now you know the secret behind his fitness so be ready to get that muscular toned body!

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