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Daniel Radcliffe Walking Dogs

Daniel Radcliffe Walking Dogs. Being a famous actor especially from the most hit book series, Harry Potter always results in the media trying its best to get each and every glimpse of your daily life.

This is what happened in 2014 when pictures of Daniel Radcliffe, the person who played Harry Potter in the movies, was found walking a whole kennel of dogs through the streets of Manhattan. This brought a lot of media attention and some even phrased this as:

 “This is what really happened to Harry Potter after he left Hogwarts. He became a dog walker.”

Or it can also be that Harry Potter might have got bored of walking alone and he thought of using his magical powers and apparated dogs to accompany him during his walk!

Well, the apparating of a bunch of dogs was just a joke, however, rumors were rolling all over the media that this whole dog incident was the shooting of Judd Apatow’s movie, Trainwreck. But this claim was instantly denied by Apatow himself in a tweet.

Daniel Radcliffe Walking Dogs

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Well, we don’t know that tweet of tying dozens of dogs around Daniel Radcliffe and asking him to smoke a cigarette while walking was true or not or written intentionally.

And the reason for this is that Apatow is also reported to have said that the pictures were made on the film set of “Girl without complexes.”

He even joked about it by asserting, it isn’t a cameo, it is just Daniel Radcliffe walking dogs. But there is no doubt that these pictures met social media with a storm and had gone viral.

Another thing that made Apatow’s tweet about Trainwreck was that Daniel Radcliffe was again spotted by another Twitter user named Ana who posted the picture of the actor along with the cast and crew on the sets of Trainwreck.

However, we will kill your curiosity by informing you that Daniel Radcliffe actually had a brief role and appeared as a dog walker in Trainwreck.

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