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Chance The Rapper Family Business

Chance The Rapper Family Business. First of all, the Family business in the title isn’t actually anything about the business or anything related. Family Business is a song by Kanye West which was released in 2004.

Chance the Rapper made a studio version cover and video of this song, after becoming a dad, which he called ‘Family Matters’.

Chance the rapper net worth is $ 25 million. Now you might be thinking why he released this after becoming a dad?

We also manage to share information about Chance The Rapper BiographyChance The Rapper Career.

The reason for this is that Chance the Rapper had a never ending-love for Kanye West and he even said that if he had the chance he would have made him dad.

Chance the Rapper is also reported to have said that ‘College Dropout’ (an album of Kanye West) was his favorite album which even inspired his music.

Chance The Rapper Family Business

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Chance The Rapper Family Business: Family Matters

‘Family Matters’ was a song, as mentioned above, which Chance covered, was during his tour along with his crew or more preferably called his friends. However, Chance the Rapper added his own verse in the song to Kanye West’s classic.

That verse was just a connection telling people about Chance’s success which was depicted by the footage of show rehearsals in which Chance is practicing with his band called the ‘Social Experiment’. The verse was as follows:

“Hallelujah, the kid grew up.” He raps.

In addition to this, if you see his video made on this song, it is like a celebration. It is the most Chance the Rapper type thing which you can imagine and believe me or not, it will make you cry.

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When Chance the Rapper tour started and what did its impact?

The ‘Family Matters’, a U.S embarked tour, started on October 10th, 2015 in Austin, Texas, and ended on 25th November 2015 in Los Angeles’ Shrine Expo.

This tour had a good impact on Chance the Rapper’s fame and popularity and this cover of Family Business has been a part of Chance’s success.

Chance the rapper net worth is $ 25 million. This is all about Family Business or more commonly known as Family Matters.

People Also Ask

Q: Why did Chance The Rapper cover Kanye West’s “Family Business”?

A: Chance The Rapper covered Kanye West’s “Family Business” and titled it “Family Matters” as a tribute to his love for Kanye West. It was released after becoming a dad, expressing his admiration for Kanye.

Q: What is the significance of “Family Matters” in Chance The Rapper’s life?

A: “Family Matters” is significant to Chance The Rapper as it showcases his enduring love for Kanye West, with whom he shares a deep musical connection. The cover reflects Chance’s respect and inspiration from Kanye’s work.

Q: How did Chance The Rapper’s role as a father influence “Family Matters”?

A: Chance The Rapper released “Family Matters” after becoming a dad, expressing his sentiments about Kanye West and, in a broader sense, celebrating the theme of family in the context of the song.

Q: Why is “College Dropout” important to Chance The Rapper’s music?

A: Chance The Rapper has cited Kanye West’s “College Dropout” as his favorite album, indicating its significant influence on his music. It serves as a source of inspiration for Chance in his artistic journey.

Q: What impact did the “Family Matters” tour have on Chance The Rapper’s career?

A: The “Family Matters” tour, which ran from October 10th to November 25th, 2015, contributed positively to Chance The Rapper’s fame and popularity. It played a role in his continued success and recognition.

Q: What is the verse added by Chance The Rapper in “Family Matters”?

A: In the cover of “Family Business” titled “Family Matters,” Chance The Rapper added his own verse, including the line: “Hallelujah, the kid grew up,” reflecting on his journey and success.

Q: How did the “Family Matters” video capture the essence of Chance The Rapper’s style?

A: The video for “Family Matters” is a celebration and a quintessential representation of Chance The Rapper’s style. It features footage of show rehearsals with his band, the ‘Social Experiment,’ and is emotionally impactful, resonating with Chance’s unique aesthetic.

Wrapping Up

Chance The Rapper’s rendition of Kanye West’s “Family Business,” titled “Family Matters,” transcends a mere cover; it symbolizes Chance’s profound connection to Kanye West and his journey as an artist. Released after becoming a father, the song and its celebratory video reflect Chance’s admiration for Kanye and the importance of family in his life. The “Family Matters” tour further solidified Chance’s standing in the music industry, contributing to his continued success. With a net worth of $25 million, Chance The Rapper’s fusion of personal experiences, musical influences, and heartfelt performances continues to resonate, making him a dynamic force in the world of music.

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