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Causes Behind Brendan Fraser Weight Gain

Brendan James Fraser was the hottest American-Canadian actor and was a go-too chiseled male lead at the start of his acting career. In the 90s he was a sort of the guy with a toned physique whose posters you would have posted on your bedroom walls.

He was renowned for his lead role in the movie, ‘The George of the Jungle in which he also worked together with Afton Smith with whom he married later.

This talented veteran American- Canadian actor has approximately assets of 20 Million dollars so this is Brendan Fraser Net Worth.

Brendan Fraser Weight Gain

But now if we look at Brendan Fraser, he is totally unrecognizable! He is a lot different from what he looked in his twenties and what he looks like now. Well, we can consider the tough times which Brendan Fraser faced as a reason for this change.

He had to go through the sexual assault by the President of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Philip Berk, and also had to face the difficulties brought b the divorce in 2008 and he was even blacklisted. This all made Brendan Fraser go into mental health problems and depression.

He also had gone through multiple operations after doing dangerous stunts for movies and the beginning of his career including laminectomy, knee replacement, and vocal cord surgery. 

All this along with medical problems had rendered him to stay fit and eventually he gained weight and became unidentifiable during his 40s and 50s.

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Brendan Fraser Weight Gain

However, this Hollywood star isn’t going to just sit and lay around but he has been working and has already started to regain control of his rollercoaster life.

He is even on the tip of making a comeback. He has not only done a recent role in FX’s Trust, but he has also starred in ‘Behind the Curtain in Night’ and ‘The Field’.

Although he is 95 kilograms (209 pounds), however after opening up to the public he has recovered from his depression a lot and isn’t shy to come into the limelight.

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