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What is Adam Levine salary?

Hey! Maroon 5 fans. Today we will talk about your favorite lead singer, Adam Levine. He is one of the most renowned singers in America. Adam Noah Levine belongs to California and was born in 1979 on 18 March.

Adam Levine isn’t only a singer and songwriter but he is an actor, record producer, and even an entrepreneur. He is also famous as a celebrity host of NBC’s reality TV show, The Voice. In addition to this, Adam Levine appeared, along with other artists, in a number of guest singers.

Now, most of you who are reading this might be wondering, how much Adam Levine earns. Obviously, he is so talented and well-known so he might be earning millions but how much? So we will answer your question in just a moment.

What is Adam Levine salary in 2019

An interesting personality, Adam is involved in multiple projects therefore the salary of Adam Levine is very high. According to some sources and estimates, Adam Levine is said to have a net worth of $ 120 Million in 2019.

But to make it more clear and easy to understand, we will jot down the increase in Adam Levine net worth since 2012.

Here we go:

  • $10 Million in 2012.
  • Became $ 25 Million in 2014
  • Had a sharp rise to $ 70 Million in 2017
  • It was $ 90 Million in 2018
  • And It had a steep jump to $ 120 Million in 2019

Adam Levine is surely the right owner of such an immense worth because he has been topping the billboard charts hit after hit.

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Salary of Adam Levine

Now let us talk about the money Adam Levine pulls in from judging in ‘The Voice’.

Adam Levine’s salary gradually increased through the years of his work at ‘The Voice’. He began with a $ 6 million salary in 2011 and by 2016 his income topped out at, only from The Voice, $ 13 million.

Apart from that Adam Levine is adding up to his net earnings through the business of real estate. Adam has $ 80 million worth of real estate in Los Angeles alone. This might clear up how much real estate earning he may have!

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