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Alexander David Mann Career

Alexander David Mann Career

Mann’s online e-Commerce business, Fantasy Fashion was conceived during university. Although not initially motivated by business and fashion, he soon became interested in advertising and marketing. He began working on advertising campaigns for different health magazines and products with companies using social media giant, Twitter which progressed into merchandise.

He continued to develop his passion project, Fantasy Fashion, and on seeing the success of some of the fashion industry’s popular online brands for women, wanted to create his own e-Commerce brand, with a twist.

Alex wanted to develop the ideals of a traditional online women’s clothing store, into a one-stop-shop for women, giving his diverse target audience the solution to purchase from anywhere comfortable and fashionable clothing, as well as respected make-up and face treatment brands, all at an economical price. Fantasy Fashion strives to be an all-inclusive brand where no one, no matter what ethnicity, nationality, or race will ever feel “not represented”. A brand for everyone and that is to empower women.

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Future Projects

In 2021, Mann along with his team is launching the Fantaz Coin. It’s a new, unique type of cryptocurrency that anyone would be able to wield as a system of payment. It’s such a kind of currency coin that will be eligible to be utilized internationally, in any part or country of the world.

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Both Alexander and his wife, Sam are launching a new dating app called Fantasies. The pair has stated in an interview that the dating app will be safe and interactive where people can find new friends by signing up to the application.

Mann is also launching his acting and music career. He has been reported to say his music is alternative pop and R&B hip hop. He is set to work with his wife, and producers Morginkay and Alex Mabaso. Others in his music team are Joseph Perry and Raymond Kulwicki.

Alexander David Mann current line-up of projects for 2021 includes Fashion Fantasy, Fantasies Dating App, Fantasy Crypto Coin, YouTuber, Acting, and Music.

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